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    Apex Legends: Why Do We Still Play?

    Apex Legends came out in February of 2019. The kids and I started playing from the first day, and we still play regularly. The kids play almost every day, while I probably put in a
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    Revisiting Destiny 2 on PS4 and Stadia

    In 2018, my son and I started playing Destiny 2. In 2018, I posted an article outlining how Destiny 2 had fallen short of our expectations. To summarize, the opening mission was too long, the
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    Changes coming to PlayStation Compass in 2019

    PlayStation Compass started late in 2016 as a general PlayStation gaming site. After five articles, I shifted it into parenting with the tagline, “For parent gamers and parents of gamers.” Since then I’ve struggled with

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Should you buy a second PS4

Should you buy a second PS4?

Do you need a second PS4? Families who play together stay together. And families that play Dead by Daylight together stay together because if they don’t someone will get hooked and sacrificed to the Entity and.. well, you get the idea.

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