Changes coming to PlayStation Compass in 2019

playstation compass changes in 2019

PlayStation Compass started late in 2016 as a general PlayStation gaming site. After five articles, I shifted it into parenting with the tagline, “For parent gamers and parents of gamers.” Since then I’ve struggled with balancing real life and producing quality content for the site. With a full-time job and two children and a wife to care for, real life has a much stronger pull.

There is very little news related to PlayStation AND Parenting. I’ve toyed with the idea of covering general PlayStation news, but it just doesn’t match with my audience. I’ve also found that list articles, while popular, don’t match well with the type of content I want to produce. I do like using lists for game recommendations, so I’ll continue those on occassion.

So, with that being said, here are the changes you can expect to see in 2019:

PlayStation Compass Blog Posts

This is, after all, a WordPress-powered site. Blog posts will allow me to express opinions without the evidence and research I would need for Beacon article. Blog posts don’t have to have the same journalistic tone as a game review or news coverage.

Previously posted “Opinion” pieces will fold into the new Blog category.

Removed Post Types

I’m going to end the What We’re Playing category and replace it on the navigation bar with the Blog category. It came too close to turning into a recommendations list and I find very little value in continuing.

I won’t cover general PlayStation news. If I want to discuss relevant news, I’ll use the blog section. I don’t want to present myself as a “journalist,” because I’m okay with acknowledging a subjective take on news. During my BFA I studied “creative nonfiction,” and I like to try and stay closer to that than actual journalism.


I don’t think I will ever put banner ads on PlayStation Compass since I use ad blockers myself. You may see me advertise the PlayStation Compass Patreon or YouTube channel, but banner ads are a relic of the past and I don’t see any reason to include them in the future.

I thought about starting a Patreon account, but I don’t think that will happen in 2019. I want the site to grow without the pressure of making money looming over me. If you want to support PlayStation Compass, share a link on Facebook or Reddit instead.

PlayStation Compass Video Content

I plan to start uploading at least once a week to YouTube on the PlayStation Compass channel. This might be a video to go alongside an article I write, a live stream, or a video guide. If you’re a regular reader and you haven’t subscribed to the channel, now’s a good time to do so.

In addition to the PlayStation Compass channel, I’m launching another channel for my son to upload to. It’s a project we’re tackling together, and while not explicitly related to PlayStation Compass, he asked if I could feature him on my site. If you want to subscribe to him, here’s a link to his YouTube channel.

More Beacon, more Anchor

While I’ve carved out what I want the Beacon to be, the Anchor hasn’t seen the same love. The Anchor serves as the source of guides and how-tos. The Beacon will continue to be a place where journalism and blog meet in the middle and discuss issues, games, and ideas that are relevant to parenting and gaming. My favourite article from the Beacon is what I wrote about Fortnite. I’ve just realized that three of the five most recent Beacon articles contain the word “Should” in their titles. Obviously I have some room for improvement there as well.

In Closing

Thank you for coming on this adventure with me. PlayStation Compass has seen steady growth each year that it’s been operating. I hope 2019 is the year for exponential growth, and I will put in the work to make that happen.

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Osiris Duan is a writer from Toronto, Canada. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing and loves video games, so it made sense for him to start writing about video games. His two kids are his inspiration and rediscovering his lifetime hobby through the eyes of his children inspired him to build a site for other parents.

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