The new Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro is beautiful

Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro

Yesterday, Sony announced two new PS4 Pro models on the PlayStation Blog: the Glacier White and the Limited Edition Monster Hunter World bundle. While there’s no denying the new Glacier White PS4 Pro looks nice, the Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro is what really steals the show.

Previously, the PS4 Pro had been bundled with games like Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Destiny 2, while the slim and launch models have had countless bundles since their releases.

Monster Hunter World made headlines at E3 last year with the announcement that the franchise was returning to PlayStation for the first time since 2011. Since playing in both betas, my kids and I are excited to play this game together on January 26.

Playing during the beta, we found the game easy to get into and never confusing. In older Monster Hunter games that I played, I’d have trouble understanding what I was meant to do, where I was meant to go. With what I found to be an impatient online community, I gave up on the game quickly and pushed the franchise to the back of my mind. Being able to play the beta gave my kids a chance to see if they would like this sort of game before we sink $80 into it. We already made that mistake with Destiny 2, now sitting installed on our PS4s, never to be launched again.

Monster Hunter: Accept no substitutes (finally)

In those six years of absence, Monster Hunter’s influence has still been present on both the PS4 and the Vita—yes, Sony, we remember the Vita. Freedom Wars, Toukiden, Soul Sacrifice, and Ragnarok Odyssey all share similarities to the Monster Hunter series, but never took off in the same way. Even though I never got very far in a Monster Hunter game, playing a “clone” carried a stigma that prevented me from enjoying those games. Also, the shooting in Freedom Wars sucked.

The Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro will only be sold by Gamestop, meaning it should be an EBGames exclusive in Canada. If you’re interested in getting a second PS4 for your home, this is a solid bundle—except for the physical copy of the game, I guess.

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