What We’re Playing – January 2018

What We're Playing - January 2018 - PlayStation Compass

What We’re Playing shares our most-played games for the previous weeks. Look to this monthly entry for simple recommendations.

What Dad is Playing:

Star Wars Battlefront 2: I had already preordered the game and had a hard time letting go of a $50 preorder once the lootbox drama started. I decided to play anyway and it’s been enjoyable. In fact, when the 7-year-old started playing it we traded in my disc and got the digital edition on sale so we could play Galactic Assault together.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope: I’ve had a weird relationship with Star Ocean over the years. My first time to play a Star Ocean game was Star Ocean: The Second Story on the PlayStation. Since then, I’ve played a few more Star Ocean games and never enjoyed them as much as the memories I have of Star Ocean 2. The Last Hope, however, keeps impressing me with its storytelling and over-the-top characters. Normally these types of characters would get on my nerves (looking at you, every Disgaea game since the first one), but Star Ocean makes it okay by having a grounded main character who deals with some Earth-shattering problems in his time as captain of the Calnus.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite: I don’t have the time to train myself to do advanced combos or learn tricky resets and other nonsense, so I play with Auto Combo enabled and mostly use that. I play as Monster Hunter and Hulk, or Monster Hunter and Chris, and I only use Reality Stone. I’m hovering around rank 11 in an attempt to get that rank 10 trophy, at which point I’ll get the platinum and probably stop playing for a while.

Everybody’s Golf: Loved Hot Shots Golf on the Vita, but not enough to buy this game at full price. I got it during the Holiday sale. The 3-year-old loves it, so we play together a lot.

What the 7-Year-Old is Playing:

Star Wars Battlefront 2: My wife and I bought a full-priced digital Destiny 2 because we thought he’d enjoy playing it with me. He did not enjoy Destiny 2, and I don’t enjoy playing it on my own enough to stick with it. So I bought the disc version of Battlefront 2, only to discover that he loved it and always wanted to play. When Battlefront 2 had a digital sale we traded in my disc and went digital so we could play together. This game has erased Fortnite from his memory.

Minecraft: He’s back to Minecraft, and he brought his little brother with him this time. They’re building a farm and a castle together right now.

Don’t Starve Together: He started playing Don’t Starve Together with mom again during his winter vacation, and now she’s finished but he’s playing on his own. He likes to build his base at the portal so anyone who joins him can have a safe place right from the beginning. Unfortunately, he also encountered his first trolls who logged into his server and burned everything in his base. Thankfully, the game has a ban and rollback feature.

What the 4-Year-Old is Playing:

Everybody’s Golf: Since the day we got Everybody’s Golf, it’s his favorite game.

Minecraft: He was never interested in Minecraft before, but last week big brother invited him to play and the game just clicked. He built his own small house on top of a tree, then started looking for animals to hunt with a bow and arrow. They played for an hour the other day, and all he did was run around hunting spiders and pigs.

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