What We’re Playing – July 2017

what we're playing

What We’re Playing shares our most-played games for the previous weeks. Look to this monthly entry for simple recommendations.

What Dad is Playing:

Friday the 13th: The Game: I’ve never watched the movies but I love the game. I usually play with my wife, but I love being Jason. As a councilor I mostly play LaChappa.

Crossout: I mostly only play with the 7-year old. He’s almost rank 17 while I’m still 14. I enjoy the game but I’m not a big fan of the grinding. Still, he and I can build decent cars and have fun even without spending 14 hours per week playing the game (the minimum to get all weekly rewards). NOTE: In order to play Crossout together you need two PS4s.

Uncharted Collection: When I’m playing games solo, this is what I’m playing now. I’m at the end of Uncharted 2 right now, but I’m most excited to play Uncharted 4. I haven’t even checked the multiplayer to see if it’s suitable for the 7-year old. Maybe next month..

Injustice 2: I play with the 3-year old, or I play the multiverse. I’ve never done an online battle—I’m not good enough. The multiverse gives me more than enough entertainment and I don’t need to get frustrated at how bad I am at anything that isn’t Street Fighter.


What the 7-year Old is Playing:

Crossout: He’d been waiting months for Crossout. We watched videos when the release date was back in May and he got all excited, then they cancelled the release with no new release date. It was a trying month, but he finally got to play Crossout and it was everything he’d imagined it was. He can spend more than an hour building, testing, and refining his vehicles. The 7-year old loves coming up with new ways to hide his guns or protect his fuel barrel. He recently discovered Storm Warning (a timed event you can only play at specific times of the day) and Race, giving him new goals to shoot for and new ways to build cars.

LEGO Worlds: When he and the 3-year old play together, they play LEGO Worlds. Unlike Minecraft, where his focus was entirely on building new structures, the 7-year old takes an exploration approach to LEGO Worlds. He digs tunnels and explores caves, gets in planes to find cloud castles in the sky, discovers new objects with the discovery tool, and does whatever he can to avoid his little brother’s destructive rocket launcher.

What the 3-year Old is Playing:

LEGO Worlds: The 3-year old plays LEGO Worlds a little differently than his older brother. He sees the game world as something that needs to be destroyed. The 3-year old uses tunneling vehicles to destroy, rather than explore. He wields bombs, rocket launchers, and drills and ruins houses, landscapes, and decorations with no remorse. This often results in the kids changing worlds so the cycle can start anew.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan: They used to play TMNT together, but now this is the 3-year old’s solo game. He can actually beat most of the levels on his own, but rarely plays long enough to finish an entire level. NOTE: In order to play TMNT together you need two PS4s. Yes, I realize how stupid that is for a TMNT game.

Injustice 2: He plays this solo and also with me, but we take turns rather than fight each other. He plays almost exclusively versus matches and loves Atrocitus. We made a video of Injustice 2 a few weeks ago, though in the video I’m the one playing while he talks about it.

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