What We’re Playing – September 2017

What We’re Playing shares our most-played games for the previous weeks. Look to this monthly entry for simple recommendations.

What Dad is Playing:

Destiny 2: I bought this on kind of a whim as a game to play with the 7-year-old. Unlike a lot of other shooters, Destiny is rated T so I feel better knowing it doesn’t have the same decapitations and chest stabs of its more warlike brothers Call of Duty and Battlefield. I played the original Destiny on PS4 but stopped before the end of Year One. It’s been nice getting back into the world, and the story this time around is enjoyable so far.

Dead by Daylight: Playing this a lot less than we did last month, mostly because I’m working a new shift that doesn’t give the wife and me much time to play together.

Uncharted 4: I’m about halfway through the game, but with Destiny 2 out now I’m not sure when I’ll finish this.

What the 7-year Old is Playing:

Destiny 2: Now that school’s back he only gets to play “violent” games—that is, games with shooting or blood—on weekends. If he plays on weekdays (play rights withheld if he gets in trouble at school or doesn’t do homework) it’s peaceful games only. Minecraft, LEGO Worlds, etc. Destiny 2 is a weekend game, so he’s only had one weekend with it so far. He’s looking forward to this coming weekend, though he wants to restart and make a Hunter instead of a Titan.

Dead by Daylight: It was inevitable that after my wife and I played so much over the summer, he’d naturally become interested in DbD. We let him play and found that it didn’t stress him out as much as we’d thought it would. And he’s pretty good at the game. We even let him play as the killer a few times and his top score beats my top score by 4000 points.

Sonic Mania: His go-to peaceful game. Sonic Mania’s been fun for both of them, even though neither of the boys has passed the second zone yet.

What the 3-year Old is Playing:

Sonic Mania: The little one loves Sonic Mania, even though he can’t seem to beat the second level. He has just as much fun losing as he does winning, though.

Splatoon 2: Splatoon 2 still sees a lot of play in our home, mostly because the 7-year-old and I occupy the two PS4s, so the 3-year-old is left with the Switch. He doesn’t complain, though. He loves playing Splatoon.

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