Quick Kids Reviews: Our Installed Games

Today we’re looking at the list of installed games on the kids’ PS4 to find out how they feel about the stuff they have installed. You’ll hear from the 7-year-old (7YO) and the 4-year-old (4YO) for each title. I also asked them for a score out of 10 for each of their games—that part didn’t go well.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan

7YO: Ninja Turtles we work as a team to fight bosses and do things like retrieve things. We can choose our characters. The game is good because the Ninja Turtles are all green, which is my favorite color. 9.5/10

4YO: There’s pizza inside a box. When you use a pizza like this <raises his hand> your pizza heals everybody. It’s good because we can heal everybody. 5/10

LEGO Worlds

7YO: In LEGO Worlds you can play online with another player and when you’re online you can have your own screen. If you’re not online you have to split screen to play together. There are quests to do and the more golden bricks you get the more items you get. 10/10

4YO: There are big chests. You can get things if you open a big chest. And there are little chests and if you punch a little chest it will give you money. I like big chests. 10/10


7YO: You can go in multiplayer or you can be host. If you’re host you can kick people out. If you aim at someone you can kill your teammates. I like that we work together and we also call things, like cars and the ship. 10/10

Cel Damage HD

4YO: In Cel Damage there’s something you can shoot and it will follow people. You can also get a punching thing to punch people. And hammers. And guns. Also there are extra characters. 10/10


7YO: I like Crossout because you can build your own car. I also like that each car has an amount of energy that limits the guns you can put on, and you can add generators to put more guns on. Usually, cannons are 5 or 6 energy. Machine guns are 2 and shotguns are 3. I use Humpback with a Heavy Generator which gave me 14 energy. Humpback is very rare because it’s a purple. 10/10

Dead by Daylight

7YO: I like Dead by Daylight because you can actually run away from monsters and you know when the monster is coming. And I also know that instead of just dying when he picks you up, the monster will hook you and you have at most two chances to get off the hook and people rescue you. And it’s only 4% chance to escape. 9.5/10

Injustice 2

4YO: Atrocitus can breathe fire on the enemies and on good guys. Superman can punch three times using his superpower. My favorite level is “fighters approaching Gorilla City.” And there’s Batman. My favorite character is Atrocitus. 4/10

Don’t Starve Together: Console Edition

7YO: In Don’t Starve Together you can choose no night or only day. Only day means all white and no night means a little red. And you can choose only night and at night you have to make campfires and if you make the rock one it’ll always be there. There’s a special character that starts with a special lighting up cup that lasts for a few days. Each character has some different powers that only they can have. 9/10

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

7YO: You can fight bosses and the first level has to be easy. The more levels you win, the harder and harder it gets. And you can choose your character. 5.5/10

4YO: If you’re playing by yourself you just have to be a blue guy. And the weapon is a shovel. And it has little red enemies. 5/10

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

7YO: In ESO you make your own character and you can get spells and if you hit an enemy or boss with a weapon, the boss will just only attack you. And there’s a super boss called the Engine Guardian which is the hardest to beat and you can play with other real players, but there’s usually only four people. 8/10

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