What We’re Playing – March 2018

What We’re Playing shares our most-played games for the previous weeks. Look to this monthly entry for simple recommendations.

What Dad is Playing:

Star Wars Battlefront 2: On March 21, EA and DICE updated Battlefront 2 with a new progression system. Yesterday I finally got a maxed out Improved Flash Grenade star card. I hadn’t been playing but I’m glad to be back.

Monster Hunter World: I thought the 7-year-old would play this with me but it’s wound up being a game I play solo. That’s okay, though, because I’m thoroughly enjoying it. This is the first Monster Hunter game I’ve actually enjoyed.. I played a few of them over the years on Nintendo handhelds, but this one finally pulled me in.

Dragon Ball FighterZ: I got this game after seeing some tournament footage and growing fairly disappointed with Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. With the announcement that MvC:I will not be at EVO 2018 I’m happy I dropped it when I did. I’m nowhere near tournament skill, but I still like to follow what’s being played because the tournament-played games typically have more people online. I’m so incredibly bad at FighterZ, though, that it’s almost disheartening. I have played all the Street Fighter games, all the King of Fighters game, and all the Marvel vs Capcom, and I get demolished in FighterZ. I should probably play single player for a while, but I probably never will.

Dead by Daylight: I play Dead by Daylight with my wife whenever she’s feeling it. If I get a daily ritual to use killer I may play a round or two as killer, but I mostly just play with her. Recently I’ve been losing interest, but we don’t have a backup game so there’s not much else to do when she’s in the mood…… for playing video games.

What the 7-Year-Old is Playing:

Dead by Daylight: The 7-year-old is around a rank 15 survivor and a rank 16-17 killer. If he was allowed to play more than a couple of matches per weekend he might be doing a little better, but we limit this one for obvious reasons.

Fortnite Battle Royale: When he can’t play Dead by Daylight, Fortnite is usually his backup. He’s won a couple of times with me and I think he’s won once or twice on his own.

What the 4-Year-Old is Playing:

Dead by Daylight: Like big bro and parents, he wants to play Dead by Daylight. And he only wants to play as killer. What’s mind blowing is he actually does pretty well as the killer. He’s great at chasing and following stealthy survivors, and quite often he gets all four survivors. However, he tends to lose focus and just do random things, resulting in everyone escaping and his killer rank dropping back to 20.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan: When he’s not allowed to play Dead by Daylight, this is his backup. He spends the entire time complaining that it’s not Dead by Daylight.

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